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"Shelley Nyren is one of the wisest, most loving people you will ever meet. There is a twinkle in her eye and a soulful knowing about her that makes you calmer and clearer as a person, just for having been in her presence. Shelley has an innate ability to get to the heart of the matter and point those she counsels in the direction of their aspirations, hopes and wishes. To seek spiritual direction from Shelley is one of the best gifts anyone could give themselves. I’m grateful to call her one of my revered teachers."

"Shelley is a valued listener in my life.  She avoids telling me what to do, but through her compassion, questioning, validation, and sincerity, I find myself working through my own thoughts as I speak to her.  She exudes a calming, pastoral and worldly presence, and I always enjoy our time together."

"Shelley is truly blessed with the gift of providing spiritual direction in ways that are supportive and meaningful.  I have worked with Shelley for several years through the joys and challenges of everyday life.  I can honestly say that her guidance has helped me connect more deeply to my true spirit, and has led me to make important decisions with more confidence and clarity.  Shelley has an extraordinary ability to listen and hold space without  judgement.  She demonstrates a level of compassion that has helped me to become more compassionate with myself.  She is so passionate about the spiritual tools she has used to overcome her own obstacles, and her dedication to sharing these tools with others makes her the perfect companion for spiritual direction."

"Shelley is not only kind, funny, and compassionate, but Shelley truly wants to know "How are you?"  She is a superb listener, who honestly cares deeply about the point of view and the well being of everyone around her.  A lot of people will casually greet you with "How's it going?" Shelley really wants to know, and furthermore wants to know how she can help.  And help she does.  I admire Shelley so much for the way she tirelessly works to be the best version of herself that she can be.  For as long as I've known her she has been seeking the truth,  working on her physical, mental and spiritual health.  Shelley has never been afraid to look at new ideas, to study and learn from mentors and have a deep conversation.  Shelley walks the walk.  I cannot recommend her highly enough."

How did I get so lucky to cross paths with this amazing listener, healer, manifester who is kind, hilarious and brilliant.  My greatest gifts from Shelley have included her wise counsel with new perspectives, her reality checks and her being a witness to the “ugly cry”.  Shelley is who you want to tell your “stuff” to and  I often find myself thinking “What would Shelley say/do?” when I am met with a challenge.  She knows when to advise and knows when to say “I’m sorry, that’s awful.” Shelley is in her element holding space for you.  Give yourself the gift of Shelley’s spiritual direction when you have a challenge, a sadness , a significant life change, a need for support/momentum in caring for yourself.  You will be so glad you did."

"Shelley has been my teacher and has been someone to whom I have often looked to for honest, compassionate advice. Her approach is gentle yet direct.  She has a tremendous gift for listening or just holding space if that is what the situation calls for.  One of my favorite phrases of hers, that I have carried through my journey, has been “isn’t that interesting?” - calling all to release judgement and just inquire.   I am grateful for her wisdom and compassion and would recommend to anyone to trust her with your story."

Half an inch beyond suffering, there is bliss.

-Vasant Lad

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