Spiritual Direction Services

What to Expect:

In person, video chat, or phone support for life’s journey.
Honest conversations about you and what is happening in your life
Discussions about obstacles to self care & feeling good
Understanding that change takes time & patience
Practice with self care, compassion & kindness
An occasional good laugh or cry
A listening ear & support on the journey
Practical tools using the principles of your faith tradition, yogic philosophy and/or 12 Step recovery, as appropriate to you, to deepen connection with yourself & the Divine (however you see the Divine)

•  Yoga mentorship

•  Yoga therapy

•  Recovery support

•  Support with any of life’s rituals & ceremonies: Preparing for births or deaths, weddings, divorce, grief ceremonies or any rite of passage

•  Yoga, breath work and meditation classes/sessions

•  Retreats and workshops, personalized for your group

Adjunct support service Fees:

Will be negotiated: hourly rates as below, depending on time, focus, travel, etc.

Adjunct support services can include:


Sliding scale:
$65-$85 per hour for support sessions.

You choose what you are able to afford.

Regular meetings will help with more consistent progress.

Just like an occasional massage helps us feel better, we all often need  present moment support  – so Individual “as needed” sessions are encouraged too :)

*Legal disclaimer:

I am not a licensed psychologist & all sessions are for support & guidance only. Any action taken is based on your own personal choice.  No discussion should be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact or advice. Services provided are not a substitute for professional services and it is advised that you seek advice from relevant qualified experts, as needed.